Having only known you for two months, I will say it's hard to wrap my head around who you once were when who you are now seems so very YOU! Your Dr Seuss quote said it better. Also, never having been much exposed to the world you are referring to, I was stunned and eye-opened when you brought up that your posts (and those of many others) were never accurately reflective of the way you may speak in a pub with your mates. That was a stellar observation which will prove as a secret metric I use when assessing any "advice" and such I may come across. Also, my tired eyes and pleasured ears are so grateful to you for the audio option.

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Feels like a 'Contentaholic' version of the sharing that people do in AA.

And as they say in AA 'keep coming back', 'take it a day at a time' etc.

This has also made me realise that the STSC is like a rehab centre/halfway house for the artist who has been lead astray by the algorithms and current internet culture.

Great piece, this, Craig. The crying into a bulletproof coffee line in particular tickled me.

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I'm definitely going to write a thread that starts with "I overcame a minor inconvenience". And thank you for the Dr Seuss quote. That's actually 66% of Twitter, right there.

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Aug 31, 2022Liked by Craig Burgess

Amen Craig. I recently had the same epiphany. I also bought my share of Twitter courses :)

Bizarre isn’t it? I kept thinking that the “reason” I was posting all that shit would eventually become clear. But there is no reason.

It’s a Ponzi scheme really. Snake oil. Seductive.

No more!!!

Btw, do you follow Rob Hardy?

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I had a similar epiphany; I spent a large portion of my free time promoting my writing/concepts on Instagram when I could have just - you know - spent my time improving my writing. We’re following the much more fulfilling path now.

PS, it feels like the STSC has more or less become a shit content rehab community 😂

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Well this post has made me feel a whole letter better. Several years ago I decided I couldn't be arsed to tweet out my stuff, because the received wisdom is that you "have" to tweet out 9 things that aren't to do with you for every 1 of yours. Well I couldn't be arsed to do that either, especially as most of the time I couldn't find much worth tweeting. So I automated the tweeting out of new articles, pretty much stopped engaging on Twitter -- and noticed no difference at all. I keep thinking I should do more self promotion, but (a) I just want to write and (b) I hate self promotion. So I'm pleased I read this post!

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